The second half-day of the general assembly was devoted to the scientific advisory board where each coordinator presented the H2020 project which leads:

  • Dr Mohammad ANTAR from MTC for the SHARK project and
  • Mr Dominique MEILLASSOUX for the HIMALAIA project.

From the left to the right: Xavier BROCHET (IPC), Dominique Meillassoux (IPC), Prof. Stefan DIMOV (UoB), Dr Mo ANTAR (MTC)



Prof. Stefan DIMOV from the University of Birmingham was the facilitator of this session. Xavier Brochet also represented IPC as the scientific coordinator of Himalaia.

There is no overlapping between the SHARK and the HIMALAIA projects. They both works on the texturing of parts, but the biggest difference between them is that all developments of SHARK project concern the final components while the HIMALAIA project focuses on mould texturing.

Several synergies have been detected and the respective coordinators decided to launch a joint activity between both projects by co-organising an event in June 2020. The impact will be higher in this way by associating two consortia to attract a large number of potential stakeholders.