The HIMALAIA project aims to develop a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and adaptable manufacturing platform for the mass manufacture of 3D and/or large thermoplastic parts with antimicrobial (antibacterial and anti-fouling), anti-scratch, self-cleaning (hydrophobic and oleophobic), anti-squeak (undesired noise produced when two parts move against each other) and aesthetic properties by replicating specially designed micron and sub-micron surface topographies.

The HIMALAIA project aims to demonstrate the economic benefit and viability of coating-free manufacturing technologies for the production of highly functional polymer surfaces. The injection moulding-based process-chain developed in the project will represent a major cornerstone of tomorrow’s factories.


Micro and nano structured surfaces will have impacts in several fields of use, such as Energy, Automotive, Aeronautics, Microfluidics, Home appliances, Telecommunications, Cosmetics packaging, medical material and devices, …