05 To demonstrate and transfer broadly the HIMALAIA design and manufacturing platform

Validation throught three high-impact demonstration

Life Cycle Analysis

Total Cost / Benefit of Ownership and economic sustainability

Preparation of the technology up-scale towards the IM  industry

Preparation of the technology transfer towards additional EU platforms

Platform layout

Hardware integration

04 To integrate the technologies into a flexible, factory-relevant TRL6 manufacturing platform

Automation and process  control

Zero defect strategy

Higly accurate production of micron and sub-micron patterned tools

01 To develop technologies for mould patterning / texturing and durability

Mechanically enhanced and durable mould surfaces

Modular and multifunctional tooling, Data acquisition systems

03 To develop optimized injection moulding-based replication techniques

Modeling of injected surfaces performances

Advanced in-line metrology for 3D / large patterned surfaces

02 To develop in-process characterisation tools

Model  to discriminate 'acceptable' from 'non acceptable' surfaces